Trent Scales have gained a first-class reputation for delivering our superior products, on time and to a precise specification.  As a result, we are now one of the country’s foremost manufacturers of weighing platforms, and perform weighbridge installation throughout the U.K.


Vehicle Weighbridges

Weighbridges provided by Trent Scales are renowned for their tough and durable construction.  Where pit, or surface mounted, our weighbridges are designed to stand up to the harshest of conditions.

Trent Scales commonly provide weighbridges between 8 and 18 metres as standard, we also provide a range of features including ramping, ticketing, weight indicators and PC integration, all of which ensure that our weighbridges function efficiently and are ideally suited to their operation.

Every weighbridge is manufactured by the Trent Scales engineers at our facility in Nottinghamshire, the team ensure the weighbridges are made to meet each individual specification.

Here at Trent Scales we are proud of our long serving staff, with years of experience they are always on hand to serve our customers, providing a brilliant service on time, every-time!